Bled, 10 - 11 November 2016

Society of Safety Engineers Ljubljana - DVILJ

was founded by safety engineers of all levels and experts from other professions who perform professional and other tasks related to the safety and health at work, fire safety and environmental protection in the wider Ljubljana region and other parts of Slovenia. 

Dvilj is It was founded on 14 October 1955. The initiator of Mr. Ludevik Kavs and g. Zlatko Sorman, it named as The Society of Safety Engineers and Technicians (DVIT). 
From the history of the society, traced in 1962 renaming in the Local Society of Safety Engineers and technicians LRS Ljubljana, and the adoption of the Statute of the Society in 1963. 

In 1965 the club was renamed the Association of security engineers and technicians Ljubljana (DVIT LJ), which was then still unregistered and covers besides Ljubljana has upper and lower Carniola region. DVIT LJ was the initiator of Association of Safety Engineers Slovenia (DVIS), and also the initiator of the DVIS in l966 established the first independent college of Occupational Safety in Europe.

DVIT LJ is reorganized in 1974 and 1977 to register with the then Republican Secretariat of the Interior. In 1996, however, DVIT LJ, renamed in today's Society of Safety Engineers (dvilj), and as such continues the tradition of combining safety engineers.

 Society of Safety Engineers Ljubljana acquired in 2008 the status of a society acting in the public interest.

It is the oldest and largest association of such experts in the field of occupational safety in the Republic of Slovenia.